Sigh… Quite literally “Hello World!” (programming pun, excuse me)

Yes, another new blog has landed on the internet. I will say now that I don’t plan on updating this every single day, but we’ll see what happens, you never know, I might not get bored so quickly.

So welcome to my new website! Just to be clear, I didn’t have an old website, so give me a break – I’m not used to web stuff – I usually work with clock cycles.

I’m Javidx9. I’m a programmer with 25 years experience. I’ve worked on many architectures, languages and applications. I’m a former academic, and now a professional industrial systems engineer. I like coding.

Consequently, I wanted to archive the many hobby projects I work on. I’m not into releasing stuff for the greater good or open source. If I think people will use it, they can have it. This is a selfish blog really, it’s really to capture my thoughts on programming, and track the progress of my programs and their development. You see, I’m getting older – I used to be able to remember a project for years, but its getting more difficult, and I don’t want the millions (yes millions) of lines of code I’ve written in my lifetime to be a complete waste of energy. If in someway my blog might inspire someone to have a go, or has a useful hint to get someone unstuck then great, a bonus if you will.

If you’ve concluded I’m a pretentious git, with a superior smugness when it comes to code, and you think “he’s just another nerd who thinks his coding chops are the best” then you’re probably right.

I make no claims of being a great programmer – I enjoy algorithms, optimisation and architecture as a thinking exercise (and it pays the bills). I often get it wrong, and those are the times I hope to capture in this blog.

If you’re interested, my professional experience includes: 6502, C/C++, Java, Lua, Arm Thumb2, VHDL, Turbo Pascal, Visual Basic, Pics, DirectX, OpenGL, PhysX & some that don’t matter any more. My background covers robotics, artificial intelligence, processor design, microelectronics, vision processing, and massively parallel processor architectures.

So there you go. Check out my live stream. You can watch someone you don’t know code slowly and badly an application you’ll never use…

…one line at a time. (but the background music will be awesome)

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