I’m currently drafting some posts about how the ReTrile engine works, and it occurred to me that I need a mascot an easily understandable rectangular sprite that I can use for instructive and brand development purposes. Normally I’d look to the greats out there in the video gaming world to add a fun and recognizable twist to what could potentially be a rather dry set of posts. But given the propensity of the game development giants, which I love by the way, to sue their loyal fan-base to protect their corporate assets from misuse, I have to be careful.


So let me introduce… Jario!jario_big

Hello Jario!, you’re clearly not a plumber and what a lovely goatee you have! And your name is obviously a portmanteau of “JavidX9” and “scenario”, convenient since you’ll be helping me (JavidX9) illustrate perplexing game coding scenarios.


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