That’s right! That game you love? It’s actually really dull.

Forget for a minute that you are interacting with an artwork capable of transporting your imagination, engaging you emotionally, and stimulating your pleasure senses, what you are really doing is playing a central role in a closed-loop feedback controller.

If you like strategy games, you’re querying a database and watching equations approach equilibrium.

If you like simulations, you’re tweaking the parameters of a physics model. Hardcore simulations tweak the control parameters of further feedback loops.

If you like platformers, you’re generating a list of shapes that overlap.

If you like first person shooters, you’re partitioning space to find the most optimal way to bisect a hull.

If you like point and clicks, you’re playing a website.

If you like role playing games, you’re doing all of the above but multiplying the result by a random number.

If you like online role playing games, you’re performing many parallel logic XORs with cascading logic ANDs (whilst slowing down Netflix).

If you like sports games, you’re paying “entertainment tax” to conglomerates and tax evaders.