Information Is Beautiful

Hello! Take a look at this. You don’t need to understand it, for my point to come across, but for now, please just look at it. In preparation for an upcoming video I’m putting together, the code you see above is all that is required for a fully functional game Read more…

By javidx9, ago

Over Engineering Source Code

OK, so this video’s a bit cheeky, but it does deliver a salient point. Some programs and code I have had to work with were written by people who clearly did not know when to stop. I’d like to think that really this is the fault of the inexperienced, but Read more…

By javidx9, ago

Command Line GameBoy Emulator

Hello, A quick one with a personal view on the purpose of emulation. Skip to about half way through for the code if you don’t care about what I have to say. This is another silly one where I take a GameBoy emulator from and render the display in Read more…

By javidx9, ago

Command Line First Person Shooter Engine

Ahh NesMania, you may remember this project from an earlier post. Well it’s over now, and one of the things I’ll miss is the execellent background noise it added to my programming sessions. I liked the beep-boops and swearing, and frequent no mames. The project came to become a bit Read more…

By javidx9, ago