Why are YouTube comments so… nice?

Hello! A nice old fashioned written post for a change! At the time of writing, my YouTube channel has had 1838 views, and I’ve got 45 subscribers. I’m really pleased with the progress. On average, my videos get around 35 views each. But, something strange has started to happen – Read more…

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Programming Games

Code-It-Yourself! Snake!

I’m on holiday, but I still feel the need to keep putting out videos. This week it’s classic Snake using C++ at the console. I’m hoping that the popularity of my Tetris video may help with this one, so it’s of a similar format. Jx9

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Small Project

Visual Studio Debugger

I love the Visual Studio Debugger. It’s saved my bacon on numerous occasions. Being able to wield such power takes effort and practice though. In this video I consider 8 features of the debugger that all programmers should know how to use. Jx9

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