When I started this blog six months ago, I didn’t really intend it to be a useful or entertaining resource, it was really just for me to record some programming ideas. Some of you may know why I started. During my academic and professional career I’ve mentored many young people, and frankly their coding skills suck. There are lots of reasons for this, but I believe the most important one is the quality of the programming resources available. Programming resources targeted at the aspiring programmer are mostly terrible. Books are boring, tutorials are baffling, videos are patronising and everyone who thinks they can code puts you down at every opportunity. The growing “maker” programming community believes you can get by with drag and drop coding, and cut & paste scripts – these offer a solution, but don’t teach anything.

My videos try to be a bit different, and I try to take the time to explain the algorithms and why they work. I don’t need to present the topics that are not important to this – GUIs, graphics libraries, off-the-shelf game engines. But you still need methods to display and accept input. So it appears I’ve carved a little niche with my “command line” approach. It also happens that this is a really low barrier to entry. I try to keep my programs to <300 lines. This is not some arrogant “look how great I am” thing, rather, it focuses me to produce only relevant, functional and clear code. Also humans can cope with about 300 lines, it’s easy to navigate and remember.

So I’ve been a little overwhelmed recently by the fact the YouTube Channel has just hit 150 subscribers, and I’d like to thank them all for taking an interest. It really does make it all worth while and I hope people are learning from the videos. I know they can be a bit geeky, a little dull, look a bit rough, but I’m made up with it. I’ve been surprised by just how much effort is required to make a good video and I know there are many video creators that can put me to shame, but the late nights, rows, frustration and coders-block have all been worth it, and I’m proud of the results so far.