Thought I’d have a little post just to record some of the cool stuff that’s been happening with the YouTube Channel!

  • You can now access the channel with a friendly link http://www.youtube.com/javidx9
  • Thanks to Yehoshua D. Stone (YouTube) who has had a go at porting the olcConsoleGameEngine to Linux (GitHub)
  • Thanks to Rene Kjellerup (GitHub) for converting the olcConsoleGameEngine to use SDL
  • Thanks to Brek Martin (YouTube) for porting over the Retro Racing Arcade Game to the PlayStation Portable (!)
  • Thanks to @Rraccd for a very flattering blog post regarding the Code-It-Yourself Tetris video. That project looks cool and I wish you the best of luck!

And of course thanks to the many viewers and subscribers for your really kind words in the comments. I set out to make some videos about code, and if people found them useful it was a bonus. Guess what? Some of them have!