After a few, frankly odd, requests to know what gear I’m using, I thought I’d show it off. Up front – I earned this setup, and when my wife and I bought our home, this room was designed to accommodate a sophisticated digital creation space.

  1. Neewer Portable Soft Light (for when the window is not enough)
  2. Canon Legria HF G40 video camera. 2x Class10 64GB SD cards.
  3. Small Lamp with very warm bulb to balance the overhead lights
  4. Samsung Chronos Series 7 Laptop (for in the field video making/coding)
  5. Roland DM-2100 studio monitors (2.1, sub under desk)
  6. Roland QuadCapture USB Audio ADC/DAC
  7. Logitech G13 Single hand keyboard (video editing/gaming)
  8. The “Man Switch”. This is connected to 11 and switches everything on or off – saves power, no fire risk.
  9. Neewer NW-700 condenser mic with boom. For the price, i’m well impressed.
  10. SteelSeries APEX350 keyboard
  11. Power distribution – 4×6 socket extensions with individual on/off buttons mounted under desk to keep wires off floor leaving tangle free room for my legs – I’m 6’2″.
  12. 32-inch LG HDTV (primary screen)
  13. Microsoft LifeCam Studio HD webcam (with nice optics)
  14. Tea. Arguably the most important item. Twinings English Breakfast in a 1-pint mug.
  15. Anker USB3 4-port HUB. This thing is great, and connected directly to motherboard.
  16. Customised IKEA desk shelf thing.
  17. Anker Optical Vertical Mouse (wired)
  18. WACOM Intuos4 tablet. This is really nice.
  19. 21-inch HD Acer Monitor (secondary screen)
  20. 21-inch HD Acer Monitor (tertiary screen)
  21. Philips TV Computer  Monitor (16-inch CRT capable of component input) Used with old consoles and computers
  22. Sanyo 14-inch CRT used with old consoles
  23. Sony PlayStation 1
  24. Sony PlayStation 2
  25. Sony PlayStation 3
  26. Super Nintendo
  27. More customised IKEA shelves, with holes cut for cabling
  28. The Computer
    1. Intel Core i7-6700K @ 4GHz
    2. 32GB Corsair RAM
    3. 1TB HDD, 256GB SSD
    4. 2x nVidea Geforce GTX 980 Ti
    5. Windows 10 Home, 64-bit
    6. AverMedia Live Game Extreme Capture Card

There are also loads of other bits and pieces not on show, original NES is setup, mixing desk for audio hobbies, Roland 20XL Cube Amp, Marshall AS100D acoustic amp, Guitar FX pedals, and boxes and boxes and boxes of wires.

Also, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, only items 4 and 14 are required to code and learn…