Well, my special “Programming The Matrix” video for celebrating 511 subscribers went really well. I was quite nervous at first, but there were viewers, and there were questions. At one point I had 33 concurrent viewers, so thanks to the actual 6 of you, and the 27 spam bots that were keen on learning how to re-program the matrix, for obvious reasons. By a strange coincidence, and just as I went live, one of my videos got dropped on Reddit, twice. This fortunate and pleasing event has provoked quite a jump in my subscriber count, which is already at 812 right now.

Retro Arcade Racing Game – Programming from Scratch (Quick and Simple C++) from programming

Code-It-Yourself! Retro Arcade Racing Game – Programming from Scratch (Quick and Simple C++) from coding

I see Reddit as the holy grail for this sort of stuff so long as you don’t post it yourself. Regardless, I don’t consider myself a subscriber chaser, but it’s rewarding to see people seem to be enjoying the videos.

So it won’t be much longer before we’re celebrating 0x3FF subscribers. I hoped I’d have some more time to prepare something. I’ve been hammering the videos this week to give me a bit of a buffer so I can get a couple of weekends off. In case you’re interested I usually spend about 10 hours coding and testing the program during the week, and film and edit it on Sunday, which can be another 10 hours. If I do no face-to-camera work, then I may record a video on a weekday evening. I’m also due to do a silly video, but I’ve not thought about this yet either.

Coding Live was quite a challenge, and in fact I missed a bit from my notes out 🙁 but I’m sure nobody will notice the difference between the video and the source.