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Perlin-Like Noise


A tricky video this one, as after I filmed the video, I realised it’s not exactly Perlin noise, but I didn’t have time to reshoot.

Sometimes, we want to randomly generate things, but pseudo random number generators are just too random! Perlin developed an algorithm which adds local coherence to noise at different spatial scales, creating clumping and patterned noise. This is considerably more natural in appearance than just white noise, and has many desirable properties such as tesselation, and level of detailing.


First Person Shooter at the Command Prompt – Update


One of my earliest videos was a simple raytracing engine that ran in the command prompt. In fact, here it is:

I felt it was time to give this project a bit more attention, and introduced textures and sprites into the engine. The end result has transformed the look of the engine, and you would be hard pressed to realise this was still done in a regular windows command prompt.


Announcing OLC ShowCase 2017



The fantastic community developing around the YouTube channel are in fact, creating programs! Great!

I thought it would be interesting to get the community to submit code/videos/anything that demonstrates their projects, and I’d create a special video towards the end of the year as a show case for all of my subscribers. I’ll be honest, I’m not expecting many submissions, but I know of a few who’ll contribute something.

The only rule is, the viewer’s project must have something to do with the content produced this year by me. Submissions are by email:

By submitting you grant me the right to show the code/material in my video, which I will NOT monetise, and I’ll reference you by a handle of your choice.


Post-511 Subscriber Thoughts


Well, my special “Programming The Matrix” video for celebrating 511 subscribers went really well. I was quite nervous at first, but there were viewers, and there were questions. At one point I had 33 concurrent viewers, so thanks to the actual 6 of you, and the 27 spam bots that were keen on learning how to re-program the matrix, for obvious reasons. By a strange coincidence, and just as I went live, one of my videos got dropped on Reddit, twice. This fortunate and pleasing event has provoked quite a jump in my subscriber count, which is already at 812 right now.

Retro Arcade Racing Game – Programming from Scratch (Quick and Simple C++) from programming

Code-It-Yourself! Retro Arcade Racing Game – Programming from Scratch (Quick and Simple C++) from coding

I see Reddit as the holy grail for this sort of stuff so long as you don’t post it yourself. Regardless, I don’t consider myself a subscriber chaser, but it’s rewarding to see people seem to be enjoying the videos.

So it won’t be much longer before we’re celebrating 0x3FF subscribers. I hoped I’d have some more time to prepare something. I’ve been hammering the videos this week to give me a bit of a buffer so I can get a couple of weekends off. In case you’re interested I usually spend about 10 hours coding and testing the program during the week, and film and edit it on Sunday, which can be another 10 hours. If I do no face-to-camera work, then I may record a video on a weekday evening. I’m also due to do a silly video, but I’ve not thought about this yet either.

Coding Live was quite a challenge, and in fact I missed a bit from my notes out šŸ™ but I’m sure nobody will notice the difference between the video and the source.