Announcing OLC ShowCase 2017

Hello! The fantastic community developing around the YouTube channel are in fact, creating programs! Great! I thought it would be interesting to get the community to submit code/videos/anything that demonstrates their projects, and I’d create a special video towards the end of the year as a show case for all Read more…

By javidx9, ago

Code-It-Yourself! Asteroids

Wow, this video is a big one for sure, but it just had so many interesting things to include. I thought Asteroids would be simple, but doing it right means I need to explain matrices, vectors, spatial transformations and trigonometry, then I can explain the programming. I’m unsure how popular Read more…

By javidx9, ago
Programming Games

Code-It-Yourself! Frogger

Hello! After a retro-gaming event held with some archery buddies, I was challenged to recreate the arcade classic Frogger. It was simple enough to do but I thought it would make a great graphical showcase for the Console Game Engine. Jx9

By javidx9, ago