The olcConsoleGameEngine is a single C++ header file filled with utilities to create high-speed interactive and graphical applications using nothing more than a Windows Command Prompt (there are now Linux versions as well).

I use this tool to aid making videos as it gives things a unique look, but more importantly, it requires almost no effort to use. I’ve used it in many videos which can be seen here! All you need is a modern C++ compiler, and a header file suitable for your system.

All of the source code for the engine, and my videos can be found on github.


There are several versions of olcConsoleGameEngine, depending on your operating system and programming environment.

Using on Windows 10 (Original & most up-to-date version)

Using on Windows 7 & 8 – This version emulates the command prompt using OpenGL. This is required due to inconsistancies in how the console is configure across versions of this operating system. You can still use the original, but you may need to change the font and console parameters manually on some platforms.

Using on non-Windows – This version uses SDL to emulate a command prompt, and requires an additional image file found in the repo. {TODO: Compile Instructions for this}

Object Oriented Versions

{TODO: List Features}

I’d like to thank several members of both the YouTube and Discord communities for testing and contributions to this engine. Without them I would never have cross-platform and other capabilities. Thanks JackOJC, KrossX, MrBadNews, King, TomL, Huhlig, MagetzUb, slavka, wowLinh, JavaJack59, idkwid, kingtatgi & Return Null.