Code It Yourself! Worms!

I wanted to end the year with a bigger project, so made this three part video creating a basic clone of the popular team battle game worms! This includes a physics engine, state machines for sequencing and artificial intelligence! Jx9

By javidx9, ago

Announcing OLC ShowCase 2017

Hello! The fantastic community developing around the YouTube channel are in fact, creating programs! Great! I thought it would be interesting to get the community to submit code/videos/anything that demonstrates their projects, and I’d create a special video towards the Read more…

By javidx9, ago

Post-511 Subscriber Thoughts

Well, my special “Programming The Matrix” video for celebrating 511 subscribers went really well. I was quite nervous at first, but there were viewers, and there were questions. At one point I had 33 concurrent viewers, so thanks to the Read more…

By javidx9, ago