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First Person Shooter at the Command Prompt – Update


One of my earliest videos was a simple raytracing engine that ran in the command prompt. In fact, here it is:

I felt it was time to give this project a bit more attention, and introduced textures and sprites into the engine. The end result has transformed the look of the engine, and you would be hard pressed to realise this was still done in a regular windows command prompt.


Command Line First Person Shooter Engine


Ahh NesMania, you may remember this project from an earlier post. Well it’s over now, and one of the things I’ll miss is the execellent background noise it added to my programming sessions. I liked the beep-boops and swearing, and frequent no mames. The project came to become a bit of a muse, perhaps watching The Mexican Runner grind relentlessly through one terrible and difficult game after another yet never giving up, was inspiring enough (to me at least) to go on and do programming videos.

Anyway, my latest video recreates the a navigable 3D maze in the terminal. No polygons here, but it is inspired by the Wolfenstein 3D game engine. I think the result is quite pleasing, but it makes me ask the question why this was not the norm back in the day when computer graphics where considered a luxury. It is not a computationally challenging algorithm by any means, and surely those machines back then would have been more than capable at updating the screen fast enough. I’m unaware of any games that operated in this way, and thus it makes me think that simply, nobody had had the idea to do a game engine in this way. That demonstrates just how influential and radical early first person shooters were.

So here is a video demonstrating the engine and discussing how it works.

And here is a link to the code on Github: https://github.com/OneLoneCoder/CommandLineFPS

And here is the code itself! Have fun!