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Code-It-Yourself: Sound Synthesizer #2 – Oscillators & Envelopes



Part 2 of my “From Scratch” Audio Synthesizer is now ready to be viewed!

Specifically, this video covers more advanced oscillators, and envelopes to control the amplitude of the sound.

All the code is on Github: https://github.com/OneLoneCoder/synth/blob/master/main2.cpp

And also here!

Make some NOISE!!!!


Code-It-Yourself: Sound Synthesizer #1 – The very basics!



This is the first part of a tutorial series which I am creating as I learn about sound synthesis. The guts of the tutorial can be watched in this video:

I’ve always been fascinated by synthesizers. Sure, they can sound a bit cheesy and old fashioned, but I like it, and they remind me of my childhood, where computer music was considered really cutting edge. As a musician and a programmer, I have no excuses for not having a go at building a synthesizer.

This first tutorial introduces the concept of oscillation, and provides a ready to use file which you can use in your own projects (on Windows only at the moment).

Currently, you are limited to just listening to your mathematically produced waveforms, and playing with a little keyboard emulator.

This is all the code you need to get started:  OneLoneCoder_Synth_Part1.zip

Here is the olcNoiseMaker.h file – see, nothing nasty!

Alternatively, you can download the source files here: OneLoneCoder_Synth_Part1.zip