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Wow…150 Subscribers



When I started this blog six months ago, I didn’t really intend it to be a useful or entertaining resource, it was really just for me to record some programming ideas. Some of you may know why I started. During my academic and professional career I’ve mentored many young people, and frankly their coding skills suck. There are lots of reasons for this, but I believe the most important one is the quality of the programming resources available. Programming resources targeted at the aspiring programmer are mostly terrible. Books are boring, tutorials are baffling, videos are patronising and everyone who thinks they can code puts you down at every opportunity. The growing “maker” programming community believes you can get by with drag and drop coding, and cut & paste scripts – these offer a solution, but don’t teach anything.

My videos try to be a bit different, and I try to take the time to explain the algorithms and why they work. I don’t need to present the topics that are not important to this – GUIs, graphics libraries, off-the-shelf game engines. But you still need methods to display and accept input. So it appears I’ve carved a little niche with my “command line” approach. It also happens that this is a really low barrier to entry. I try to keep my programs to <300 lines. This is not some arrogant “look how great I am” thing, rather, it focuses me to produce only relevant, functional and clear code. Also humans can cope with about 300 lines, it’s easy to navigate and remember.

So I’ve been a little overwhelmed recently by the fact the YouTube Channel has just hit 150 subscribers, and I’d like to thank them all for taking an interest. It really does make it all worth while and I hope people are learning from the videos. I know they can be a bit geeky, a little dull, look a bit rough, but I’m made up with it. I’ve been surprised by just how much effort is required to make a good video and I know there are many video creators that can put me to shame, but the late nights, rows, frustration and coders-block have all been worth it, and I’m proud of the results so far.


Should coding be taught on embedded hardware?

I think the growing trend for embedded systems hardware to be sold as a training tool for novice programmers might do more harm than good. In this video I ponder it, along with questioning the suitability of such platforms when used as child teaching aids.

I think children are more capable than we think, and we shouldn’t patronise them with “toy” programming environments.


Video Blogging & 2016 Game Awards

Happy New Year?

Well regardless of how you feel about the new year, and the festive season in general, I hate it. To me it’s a gigantic “end of term” report card. It’s a time to reflect on what you’ve done since the previous new year, and invariably bring forth a seasonal depression when you realize that actually, you’ve not done very much.

I’ve had a particularly dull year – enhanced by the fact that 2016 was pretty crappy all round. The media have really jumped on the doom and gloom bandwagon with celebrity deaths, unexpected election results, refugee crises, mass migration, cold war re-ignition and appalling devastation and terror in the name of religion. ūüôĀ

Well, I can’t fix any of that, but I have decided to contribute some of my measly knowledge to society in a more visual and all round proactive way. As well as increasing the frequency of the written stuff, I’ve already started to record some video.

My plan is simple, I have no particular focus for the videos, but they will be about code, and electronics, and technology, and recording my efforts to learn, and perhaps even teach, tech engineering from first principles. As always, if anyone finds this useful, its a bonus.

Right, on with the ceremony!

The OneLoneCoder Blog Video Game Awards 2016

Welcome to the inaugural OneLoneCoder Blog Video Game Awards! Here we award Javid’s to the best games I played during 2016. Note, that this may not necessarily be the year the game was released. Let’s introduce your incredibly enthusiastic host – Javidx9!!!


“Here, Have a Javid…”

Now without further ado, let’s get onto the awards! <insert generic fanfare>

Best Major Game

Also known as “AAA” titles, this category is for the big boys, millions of pounds spent on a media budget alone, and usually a very large file size!


Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End
Naughty Dog

Final Fantasy XV
Square Enix

Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate
Ubisoft Quebec

Dirt Rally

And the Winner is…

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End.

“What a superb game. Not only is it engrossing to play, but it oozes game engine polish at every opportunity. The fact that the playing modality radically changes whilst you play and you don’t even notice is a testament to the sheer master-craft of its¬†designers. Only a game where people not playing can thoroughly enjoy watching it being played is truly worthy of a Javid. Well Done!” – Jx9

Best Minor Game

These games come from the lesser known developers or even “indy” developers. They will never gain huge acceptance, some people will think they’re just plain weird, but what do they know. Often the best games are the ones where they spent money on the game, and not on it’s marketing.


Psytec Games Ltd

The Witness

Goat Simulator
Coffee Stain Studios

Everybody’s Gone To The Rapture
The Chinese Room

Elite Dangerous
Frontier Developments

And the Winner is…

The Witness

“It is rare that a game today¬†connects with me on so many levels. The Witness is a game hampered by its trailer and social networking as it can’t give away the secrets that lie within. The intelligent design of this intellectual and ‘explorational’ behemoth is without comparison, and I am certain¬†the developers sacrificed years of their lives fine tuning what I can only describe as not just the best game of 2016, but perhaps, just maybe, the greatest and deepest game I have ever played.” – Jx9

Special Mention Of The Year

This award goes to a game that may not be up for being the best or the worst, but there was something about it that just makes you think “yeah… it’s alright that”. This year’s special mention goes to Windlands.

“Perhaps it’s a gimmick, or a fleeting novelty, but the sensation of flying still puts a grin on my face every time I boot it up. Take a good run up, look sideways and jump. And DON’T LET GO!” – Jx9

Second Place Turd Of The Year

Automatically, according to the Javid Academy Rules, Destiny wins the First Place winner of this award, therefore to make this category more relevant, we select the runner up.

And the Winner is…

I Am Setsuna

“Oh. This was disappointing. You see, it’s not a bad game, just not a very interesting one. Indeed, it does channel a little nostalgia for the ‘good old days’ of console role playing games, but playing it I can’t help asking for a little more, well, colour, depth, strategy, story, exploration, music, humour…, you know, like how they used to be!” – Jx9


So that’s all for 2016. Join me in the new year. I’m trying to get better at this!