Hello! I’m Javidx9.

Thanks for clicking on something that brought you here – I appreciate the effort.

I’m just one guy coding my way through life. As hard as I might try to discourage it, I’m afraid the term ‘nerd’ would be an accurate description. I’ve been involved with technology in one way or another for a long time now, and feel I have some authority to pass comment on it. Not in a “Hey I wrote some HTML in a forum post, and slept rough for 2 days to own an [large fruit based conglomorate tech prefix]Phone” way, there’s nothing wrong with that (mostly), but I’ve worked on large scale academic and industrial software and electronics applications, and started programming on a BBC Model B+ when I was eight years old. I’m currently a professional systems engineer, and formerly a post-doctorate researcher for five years. I have designed compilers, processors, simulation tools, robotic control systems, embedded electronic devices and had the fortune to work with some of the most forward thinking members of the real technology community (i.e. the poor souls hidden away in laboratories/server rooms/workshops making stuff happen). Ego-stroking aside, I’ve decided to start a website as a method of documenting observations and thoughts I may have about stuff. If it’s useful to anyone else, it’s a bonus.

This site is primarily about code, but I also love games. I’m the guy that plays games with friends and tells them that instead of appreciating the fact they can disembowel that guy whilst hanging from a helicopter that’s on fire, they should also appreciate the complexity of the simulation engine for handling the accurate wave propagation displacing the entrails in a plausible manner. Not to mention the interplay with the appropriate rendering sub-system for shading the ejected droplets of gore with just the right amount of specular gooeyness. I love all games (except COD, Destiny, MMOs, Destiny and Destiny). Games are the pushing force behind modern technology. People want immersion – that demands faster processors, optimal coding, memory management strategies, clever mathematical trickery and beautifully elegant game design theory.